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Direct Opener By A Natural

June 30, 2009 by JDOG  
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picking up a girl while she's driving

picking up a girl while she's driving

“Picking Up A Younger Woman While She’s Driving.”

I was exchanging stories with a friend recently on the topic of how we met some of our girlfriends. If I could bottle my friend’s attitude and sell that to you I would definitely make a fortune. He is what most people would call a “natural,” as in he’s a natural with women. Just having lunch with him the other day he couldn’t help himself flirt casually with the sexiest woman that walked in.

He wasn’t distracted from the conversation. I didn’t feel like he was mentally in another place. You know when you are trying to talk with someone and they are obviously not present. He just intuitively made a comment to her as she walked past us to the counter. She smiled back, and he picked it up again as she was leaving. It’s this kind of natural and casual ease that I try to instill in my students. Read more

Sexual Escalation Through Kino & Flirtatious Teasing

June 29, 2009 by JDOG  
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This is a preview of a 2-part 40 minute series for my newsletter readers. If you want to view the rest of this video then signup for the newsletter at

I am breaking down some of the finer points of sexual flirtation, when meeting and dating women. I keep things in simple terms, and show several real life interactions with an old girlfriend of mine. Watch for the natural flirtatious flow back and forth between the two of us. In fact you may want to watch this several times.

Sexual escalation is a combination of leading from casual comfort & superficial flirtation.. to more intimate touch, and an interaction that progresses with a more sexual tone. This sexually charged flirtatious dance is a natural process. Whether it’s more playful in nature as is often the case with my personality style, or more intense in nature that is perhaps more James Bond.. the underlying principles are the same. Read more

Using Routine Stacks To Pick Up Women

June 19, 2009 by JDOG  
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Impromptu phone conversation with a friend to help him get over some sticking points. Prior to the television show, “The Pickup Artist” he was getting great reactions from women using a canned routine stack.

After the show he hasn’t been opening to the same extent, and has not been getting the same good reactions. He has anxiety now because the material he used to use was to the most part given away on the show, and he is afraid of getting busted. He wanted to start talking to more girls again, without any fear of being busted as a PUA. He also wanted a more natural approach.

This is the first 40 minutes only. There was a 2nd part lasting another 45 minutes, however the audio was missing so it couldn’t be used. In the 2nd part we went into more depth working through his new routine stack more natural routine stack.

Protected: How To Stop Approach Anxiety

January 14, 2009 by JDOG  
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Meeting Women At Work.. Are You Al Bundy?

January 7, 2009 by JDOG  
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Meet women at work.. NOT like Al Bundy!

Meet women at work.. NOT like Al Bundy!

I answered a question on the forum, and thought that it would make an interesting article (skip forwards to the quote if you want.) It’s a fact that many of us have the opportunity to meet women while at work. Perhaps you are in the service sector, and attractive women are sometimes your customer. Or maybe you’re in a corporate office where there is a women that you’d like to meet. If you are holding yourself back in these situations then I’m guessing it’s not just due to a lack of flirtation skills, but also because of fears and concerns about what you think is acceptable behaviour in the work place.

In my corporate engineering career I often found myself in client offices with some absolutely beautiful women. I’m sure it comes as no surprise that they were rarely in the engineering department.. haha. At the time I had no idea how to approach them, I lacked confidence with women, and I also had all sorts of concerns floating around my head. I didn’t know if flirting or dating girls in the office would be frowned upon. I was worried about being accused of sexual harassment. I didn’t know what my boss or client supervisor would think. Looking back most of my concerns back then just seem laughable. It is possible however to make a stupid mistake in the workplace and then these can in fact become very real issues, so some discretion is Read more

Protected: Day Game Workshop – PRIVATE Message

January 7, 2009 by JDOG  
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Essential Seduction Book List

January 5, 2009 by JDOG  
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I consider the books listed here to be extremely important if you truly wish to have a better understanding of women, attraction, and relationships. The value of the knowledge contained within these pages I simply can’t stress enough, and of equal or greater importance to improving your “skills” with women.

Well if you want to learn how to meet women, more women, or just become a better seducer, then read these books. Just pick one for now, and make a commitment to read it.

These are a selection of the books from my own personal library, that I consider to have been fundamental in changing my perceptions about women, dating, and the art of attraction.

Do you want to improve your dating life?
Do you want more beautiful women in your life?
Do you wish to be a better seducer?
Do you want to learn how to pick up women?

..then start reading one of these books THIS WEEK! Read more

My Television Blew Up Today

January 4, 2009 by JDOG  
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samsung-hpt4254I don’t actually watch television in the traditional sense. About 5 months ago I came to the realisation that paying over $100 per month just to waste hours of my life watching TV was stupid. I cancelled my cable television all together, and don’t miss it. Now I have a spare laptop running windows (yeah so it’s obsolete, right?) hooked up to my widescreen telly and surround sound system. I watch free television shows streamed over my wifi from, and occasionally rent or buy a movie or show on iTunes, where incidentally you can watch my videos for free also. This meets all my viewing needs, costs very little, and is amazingly DVD quality.

Flash forward to tonight, where I was enjoying this documentary on hulu when.. BANG!.. FLASH OF LIGHT.. picture goes blank, and there is a smell of burnt electronics in the air. Great, the Samsung HPT4254 42″ plasma screen was purchased for about $1,250 out the door 1 1/2 years ago. No service plan and out of warranty. That sucks. Possibly a sign from God that I should stop wasting time, and be more productive.

I don’t believe in God though.. hmmm.. all the more reason perhaps why the entity I don’t believe in, most often referred to as God, would punish me in this cruel fashion. Funnily enough for any techies out there Robert Scoble actually sent me a direct message on Twitter last night! It was in reply to a reply I made to one of his tweets. He said that he had been hanging out with (and was now chatting with on Twitter) MC Hammer and @god, having met them both at a party the night before. Nice! Leave it to Scoble to be talking to @mchammer and @god on twitter I said.

I immediately went to work dismantling it, ignoring the warnings.. something hazard.. shock.. etc. ..and wow.. there are some cool looking electronics in that thing. No sign of anything burnt.. none of the fuses seem to have blown. A quick search online and it seems most likely that a capacitor blew. Since a young age I have been a nerd, and in a time long ago I have in fact used transformers to blow up electronics. So somehow those experiences makes the capacitor theory believable. In the future they will discover that Emmett Brown was in fact correct and capacitors do in fact hold the secret to time travel.

I was going to use the Geek Squad for in home service.. though I actually think I can fix this thing for a few dollars rather than spending several hundred dollars on them. I will keep you updated on the very important matter of JDOG’s television!


shiny.. just like new.. only broke


the back.. so far untouched


see the electric shock warning on the bottom right.. that narrow green part has a message on it tho it's pretty small.


A close up of the warning message. Most likely by the time you saw it you would be dead.. had you not worked safely

PROOF..Attractive Girls Are Bitches

January 4, 2009 by JDOG  
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Attractive Girls Union Refuses To Enter Into Talks With Mike Greenman

That is some FUNNY shit! Of course I don’t think attractive women are bitches.. but I had to post this, as many a true word are spoken in jest. I have loved reading the Onion ever since first picking up a copy in Milwaukee years ago. It was sitting on one of those little magazne/newspaper stands you see at select coffee houses. At first glance I actually thought it was a real newspaper, even though the headline was a bizarre article about how Bill Gates had patented 1’s and 0’s.

Credit where credit is due though, I saw this video on my good friend Ross Jeffries’ blog.. haha.. sorry RJ I just had to post it also. If you want to learn NLP, or improve your Inner Game then I highly recommend you check out his website about Speed Seduction and Inner Game.

Cool Party Trick.. Go Criss Angel On Her Ass!

January 1, 2009 by JDOG  
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Go Criss Angel On Her Ass!

Go Criss Angel On Her Ass!

are gang signs still cool? ..notice how he puts his arm or hands around girl's necks in pictures.. a very dominant alpha male trait.

Parties are great places to meet women. If you or your friend are the host then you are socially proofed, which works to your immediate advantage, and if not then you can raid the fridge. House parties should cultivate a more relaxed and uninhibited vibe than a club. It’s fun to mix a girl a drink, or get her to mix you one.

People love party tricks. Perhaps you’ve been to a party where someone’s party trick is so much fun that it contagiously spreads until everyone is doing it.. kind of like my ex-girlfriend Lisa.. haha just kidding.. no but seriously if you get the chance you should totally do Lisa!

At some point in your life you must have been at a party where no one could find a bottle opener, which sucks. Nah.. it’s an opportunity! You get the chance to show the girls just how ingenious you can be. Counter tops and table edges are always an option. Give onlooking women a spike of bad boy danger-attraction when you butt the edge of the bottle cap against a table, and proceed to slam your hand down on top of it. WHAM!

Though sometimes you get wood chips in your beer, or worse still mark the table. You are so money doing this though, and women love it so who cares. You’ll drink those splinters and not complain. I always preferred to use a key to prise the top off, which curiously makes me look nerdier than I already am.

So gentlemen, I present to you the ultimate.. the best.. the coolest way to open those beer bottles in front of your doe-eyed prey. For want of a better term.. drum roll please.. I present to you, “The Read more

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