Be the best lover she’s ever had

DavidShade_220x300You meet a girl you really like… she’s attracted to you… You start to hit it off, and it’s certain you’ll be seeing her again.


Now what do you do?

Here’s the thing… most guys are so focused on just getting the date, they don’t bother to learn anything about how to give a woman pleasure, or how to be a masterful lover.

And I’m not just talking about rapport or vibing or what to do on a 2nd date… I’m talking about creating a powerful, exciting sexual relationship with a woman.

I’m talking wild-screaming orgasms and rip-up the sheets wake the neighbors sex.

Let’s not kid ourselves here… Men want to be with women because we want to enjoy wild-sexy-fun with them.

But here’s something most guys don’t understand, or don’t believe…

WOMEN WANT HOT SEX! [Read more…]

How to get a woman to be very naughty with you

tsofs_bonus_header2I’m going to tell you about why you should want to pay VERY close attention to a man who can teach you about how to give your women Incredible Pleasure.

The man is David Shade. He teaches men how to give women mind-blowing sexual experiences in the bedroom way beyond anything she has ever experienced with any other guy.

As David likes to say “You’ll ruin it for every other guy”.

But first, I need to warn you of 2 important things.

1. David’s methods only work for women you plan to see more than once or twice. This isn’t about one-night-stands.

2. You can create a stalker. This is not a joke. When women get a taste of this kind of PLEASURE, they become addicted to it. As David likes to say “Choose wisely”. [Read more…]