Seduce Her In The Zone

how to meet hot women like a mater pua

Turn a women on by describing her peak feelings to her.

It has been almost 3 months since my last confession blog post, forgive me for I have sinned been distracted by life’s unpredictability. These past few months have been a difficult and trying time for everybody, in such the depressed and turbulent global economic environment that we find ourselves in. I’ve spent the better part of this time stopping the bleeding of my own finances, and making the decision that it is finally time for me to leave Arizona.

I discovered something today, and without wanting to sound new agey or anything like that, I’m just going to come out and say it. I found Flow. OK, so not my “One Thing” in life to pursue in order to reach complete happiness ala City Slickers LOL… no, but profound non the less.

It’s really a rediscovery that in one small moment you can go from being just ok, just emotionally normal or average, to being transported instantaneously to a place where you are at complete peace, completely content, and experiencing true blissful happiness. Hyper-focused in the moment. To go one step further I feel this should be an intrinsic experience where you are doing something, not where the outcome or good emotions are [Read more…]

Playing Dog With God

Are you an animal lover?

Are you an animal lover?

What follows is just some curiosity, and thoughts that I have in my head. My conversational topics usually start with such a foundation. Do you want to know what to start a conversation with? Do you want to know what to talk about? ..and do you want to know this without using canned “material” from someone else’s contrived repertoire?

Yes, then here’s an example. It’s just current things I’ve experienced, or seen this past week, and therefore I’m talking about it with people. Is it high octane high energy opening material for a loud night club? Not in and of itself, but if your personal energy is at the right level, and you interact with people in a captivating way using such things as; teasing, social control, and describing your thoughts or stories with passion in an animated manner, then yes it can be. Delivery is everything! This type of casual conversation is also ideal for day time settings.

If you are stuck for an opener, and a conversation right now, then by all means try this out verbatim as an example. Note though that it’s untested and unrefined, as I was just thinking about this today. I have no real world responses to encourage you with this time. From past experience though I’m sure it will be fine. Women love talking about [Read more…]