Direct Opener By A Natural

picking up a girl while she's driving

picking up a girl while she's driving

“Picking Up A Younger Woman While She’s Driving.”

I was exchanging stories with a friend recently on the topic of how we met some of our girlfriends. If I could bottle my friend’s attitude and sell that to you I would definitely make a fortune. He is what most people would call a “natural,” as in he’s a natural with women. Just having lunch with him the other day he couldn’t help himself flirt casually with the sexiest woman that walked in.

He wasn’t distracted from the conversation. I didn’t feel like he was mentally in another place. You know when you are trying to talk with someone and they are obviously not present. He just intuitively made a comment to her as she walked past us to the counter. She smiled back, and he picked it up again as she was leaving. It’s this kind of natural and casual ease that I try to instill in my students. [Read more…]

Sexual Escalation Through Kino & Flirtatious Teasing

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I am breaking down some of the finer points of sexual flirtation, when meeting and dating women. I keep things in simple terms, and show several real life interactions with an old girlfriend of mine. Watch for the natural flirtatious flow back and forth between the two of us. In fact you may want to watch this several times.

Sexual escalation is a combination of leading from casual comfort & superficial flirtation.. to more intimate touch, and an interaction that progresses with a more sexual tone. This sexually charged flirtatious dance is a natural process. Whether it’s more playful in nature as is often the case with my personality style, or more intense in nature that is perhaps more James Bond.. the underlying principles are the same. [Read more…]

Using Routine Stacks To Pick Up Women

Impromptu phone conversation with a friend to help him get over some sticking points. Prior to the television show, “The Pickup Artist” he was getting great reactions from women using a canned routine stack.

After the show he hasn’t been opening to the same extent, and has not been getting the same good reactions. He has anxiety now because the material he used to use was to the most part given away on the show, and he is afraid of getting busted. He wanted to start talking to more girls again, without any fear of being busted as a PUA. He also wanted a more natural approach.

This is the first 40 minutes only. There was a 2nd part lasting another 45 minutes, however the audio was missing so it couldn’t be used. In the 2nd part we went into more depth working through his new routine stack more natural routine stack.