I Need Your Fucking Opinion? ..Come On!

Warning: The views, opinions and potty mouthed language expressed by the author in this article is fully supported by the website owner. In fact the website owner shares these views, because we are actually the same person. If cuss words offend you kindly skip the first sentence.. and try NOT to read those big capitalised words, ok?

girls-drinking-barFUCK..FUCK..FUCK..FUCK..FUCKING..FUCK!! Please for sanity’s sake stop once and for all from using blatantly stock material, especially when it was broadcast to millions on national television. Using an Opinion Opener, or more accurately a False Opinion Opener is a fine and marvellous concept, but there are more, and better ways to start conversations with it than simply saying, “Hey guy’s I need a female opinion…” From now on this shall be referred to as the Taboo Words.

First let us take a journey into the past. That’s right we’re going on a little adventure so strap yourselves in, and introduce yourself to the person in the seat next to you. There are unfortunately no emergency exits, for that you might want to check out Neil Strauss’ new book, “Emergency,” according to him it might just save your life.

Speaking of Neil, as far as I know he coined the term “false opinion,” shortly after adopting Mystery’s method of using opinion openers to start conversations. The idea is that most people are more than happy to start talking about their opinions, especially women [Read more…]

How To Be More Interesting


You don’t have to be this adventurous!

When I teach a seminar I will ask the audience what they do on a monthly basis that other people may find interesting, and preferably something they feel passionate about. Exploring your passions, and developing them into real hobbies can have an exponentially beneficial effect on your love life.

We tend to talk with more enthusiasm about things that we are passionate about. Emotions are contagious, and those good feelings will spread to the person you are talking to. They will find you more captivating and interesting from that emotional exchange alone. Passionate talkers are often charismatic conversationalists.

Women are profoundly attracted to men that can talk with passion, conviction, and enthusiasm. If you are asking the question, “How can I talk more passionately?” [Read more…]

Coffee Shop Day Game Save My Sanity!

Homer Simpson Sanity

Factoid: JDOG was a guest for a table reading of an episode of The Simpsons

On and off for the last several years I’ve worked by telecommuting, which is a widespread modern phenomenon since proliferation of the internet. Some of the advantages include; avoiding rush hour traffic, more flexible use of your work and leisure time, and working from home.

The biggest disadvantage is.. working from home! I teach interpersonal communication skills, and anyone who has telecommuted for a prolonged period of time will agree that the lack of social interaction can actually become depressing. While I don’t miss working in a cubicle I do miss the social office environment.

A few days ago I was posting on some technology message board when I stumbled upon a post from a guy who said he was so lonely working from his home office. He said that although he makes really good money, he spends on average 9 hours a day in a little room, with nobody to talk to, and the loneliness was really getting to him. [Read more…]

Message Board in Beta

Message BoardYou may have noticed that the message board was added today (see the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.) Now I’ve run forums before, and there are many options as to what software to use. I’m trying something new here.. so before I take the plunge and officially make it part of the website I would really appreciate some feedback.

Please test it out.. make some posts.. start some actual discussions… AND then either comment here or on the message board HERE about how you find the user experience.

If you like it we will add it to the site permanently, and rehome it to our domain, either as askjdog.com/forum or forum.askjdog.com. If not then I’ll add a more traditional forum script.

Here are my favorite features, and reasons for choosing this particular solution:

  1. Fresh clean user interface that just looks more web 2.0 to me than traditional message boards.
  2. It’s a hosted service which means less programming & maintenance for me, leaving more time to focus on answering questions and creating content for the main website.
  3. Another cool feature is the cleaver use of RSS feeds
    • All topics have their own RSS feed a great way to keep track of a topic that you find very important.
    • Each user effectively has their own blog page of all their posts, and if you find value in the writings of one particular forum member then you can subscribe to their post blog.
  4. The active support team seem intent on refining the user experience and adding new features.

We have chosen ‘free forums by Lefora’ as our first candidate for the official message board.

Thanks for helping make the decision!

What Do You Want In The Next Video?

Do you have specific sticking points that you desperately need some advice on? Is there a topic that you want to see explained? Well I had this great idea of getting you involved in the development process of my videos.

This is an interactive adventure! If there is a topic that you really want to see just post a comment beneath this article (this replaces the old form request I used to have). When enough people have requested the same topic I’ll put a video together.

Video Request by Posting a Comment Beneath This Article


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  • Opening
  • Sexual Flirtation
  • Escalating & Transitions
  • Connection & Deep Rapport
  • Group Dynamics
  • Day Game
  • Night Game

Remember to add your comments to this post, and discuss your ideas that way!