What Is The Mystery Method?

Mystery, The Mystery Method, and The Venusian Arts Revealed..

Mystery Pickup ArtistMystery Method was a system developed to pickup women by the dating expert called Mystery, who’s real name is Erik Von Markovik.

Mystery spent years practicing how to meet women in night clubs, and social gatherings, as he had no success growing up. Mystery’s career path lead him to become a stage illusionist in Toronto, Canada, where he performed large stage shows, and smaller settings including the more intimate table magic performed at restaurants and corporate events.

“JDOG is an expert in picking up women
during the Day!” ~ Mystery

This was stated by Mystery on VH1’s The Pickup Artist when teaching the students Daytime Pickups. Mystery then deferred to JDOG for
completion of the lesson.

From those experiences, and from countless nights spent alone in clubs he developed an understanding of social dynamics, and group theory. Mystery eventually develop his experiences into a more cohesive method for seducing and attracting beautiful women. [Read more…]