I’m in a Music Video!

article-shaneal-fancy-cars-superstars-videoHOW COOL IS THIS.. :)

Here’s an interesting factoid “JDOG appears in a music video!”: JDOG was grabbing some late night food in LA one night with Spoon from the VH1 show, when 2 fans of the show started talking to them… one of which was a very beautiful model, who had just been hanging out at the Playboy mansion.. so of course they had JDOG’s interest! They were sitting with a chap called Shaneal, an amazing musician from Australia, who had just played a gig at the Playboy Mansion that night. 

You never now who you will meet and become good friends with when you go out.. Shaneal is just an amazing individual and an incredible artist, who you should definitely checkout at www.shaneal.com. During his trip to LA Shaneal was looking to shoot the music video for the launch of his new single “Fancy Cars & Superstars.” JDOG invited Shaneal to the finale party for The Pickup Artist, and introduced him to several people involved in video production, and the next thing you know they were shooting on the famous Sunset strip in West Hollywood. You can checkout the video below:

I get into the limo at [1:50] and then you see clips of me dancing & partying with everyone

UPDATE: Here’s another clip that Shaneal sent me: